Sunday Morning Service | 10:00 AM


Held throughout the year on Sunday's after the Celebration Service

Hosted in Overflow 2 (Main Sanctuary)

(Check calendar for specific dates)

Growth Track is the "pathway to connection" at Gospel Lighthouse Church. It allows individuals to travel along the Church "roadways," learning the vision and the culture of the Church, growing in the fundamentals of Christianity, discovering their God-design, training in ministry, and ultimately being released to serve and grow in the House of God.

It is our desire that everyone will travel the "Growth Track!"

Gospel Lighthouse 101

Are you new to Gospel Lighthouse?

This class is a basic introduction to the ministry of GLC. The history of our church and our vision for

the future will also be discussed.

Essentials 201

Are you ready to grow in your relationship with God?

This class guides you through the essential beliefs every Christian needs to find success in their

walk with Christ.

Discovery 301

Are you ready to discover your unique design?

This class will help you discover how God combines our personality, gifts, and purposes for

ministry at Gospel Lighthouse Church and beyond.

DREAM Team 401

It's PRE-GAME time!

This final class will focus on the various ministries offered at GLC, our vision for future growth and

development and how you can get involved.